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MAZAR SKIMBOARD 【ZAN】 full carbon[ZAN-401 BLUE/ Polling Art on Carbon clear]

Selling price: JP¥74,900
[In Stock]
Suggested retail price: JP¥86,740

Made in Japan.

【Specifications of the product】
Choose among 【126.2cm】【127.4cm】【128.7cm】【130cm】【131.5cm】【133cm】
■Color: BLUE/ Polling Art on Carbon clear
■Thickness : Center/20.5mm Nose/14mm Tail/15mm
■Outline: ZANSUI
■Rail shape:
a nose area from the center: Boxy rail
a tail area from the center: Tapered rail
■Tail Rocker: 5mm
■Materials and thickness of the form: PVC ( high-density polyvinyl foaming body)
■Laminated fiber of the deck: 3k Carbon cloth(twill fabrics )
+2 layer E-Glasses
■Laminated fiber of the bottom: 3k Carbon cloth(twill fabrics )
+2 layerE-Glasses
■Resin (matrix): Epoxy acrylate (vinylester resin)

●We send out this product approximately 10-12 business days after your order day. In addition, delivery date may be extended in a top season.
A position of the decals, a color, an art design may be slightly different from a photograph. Thank you for your understanding.

●Net weight: 2150g
●Gross weight of the shipment:4,200g
■List of charges of International shipment:

【Performance and characteristic of this skimboard】
The ZAN is made from a top-quality Japanese full-carbon composite. The extremely high vibration-damping effect of the materials supports a high-speed approach and provides exceptional stability at top speed.
The board’s unrivaled rigidity transfers the power of the waves hitting the board on the impact zone into propulsion on the turn, without any loss of power.
The narrow outline of the board is carefully designed to achieve a balance between performance in buoyancy and propulsion and maneuverability in turning. The effect is good acceleration on turns, increasing the success rate for experts and competitors attempting techniques that require pinpoint timing.
The rail edge uses a resistance edge structure to give the rail proper protection against dings and scrapes from sand or pebbles.
An extremely sharp, high-end model for competitive skimboarders aiming for victory.


【성능과 특징】
최고급 품질의 일본제 풀 카본 콤포지트로 구성. 특유의 뛰어난 진동감쇠성은 하이스피드의 어프로치를 지지하여 최고 속도에서도 중후한 안정감을 발휘한다.
타의 추종을 불허하는 강성은 임팩트 존에서 받는 파도의 힘을 그대로 턴의 추진력으로 전환시킨다.
아우트라인은 부력 및 추진력의 퍼포먼스와 턴 기동성의 균형을 고려한 유선형 디자인. 그 효과는 선회 시에 가속성으로 구현되어 전문가나 선수가 핀 포인트의 타이밍을 노리는 메이크의 성공률을 높인다.
레일 엣지에는 외부의 충격과 모래나 자갈의 마찰로부터 레일을 확실하게 보호하는 “레지스턴스 엣지 구조”를 채용.
대회에서 우승을 노리는 선수에게 추천.
예리하게 제작된 하이엔드 모델.

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