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MAZAR skimboard 【CARBON BASIC+】[CBBC-130 BLUE Carbon Clear/ RED]

Selling price: JP¥50,550
[In Stock]
Suggested retail price: JP¥56,160

Made in Japan.

【Specifications of the product】
Choose among 【126.2cm】【127.4cm】【128.7cm】【130cm】【131.5cm】【133cm】
■Color: BLUE Carbon Clear/ RED
■Thickness : Center/19.5mm Nose/19.5mm Tail/19.5mm
■Outline: ZANSUI
■Rail shape:
a nose area from the center: Boxy rail
a tail area from the center: Boxy rail
■Tail Rocker: 5mm
■Materials and thickness of the form: PVC ( high-density polyvinyl foaming body)
■Laminated fiber of the deck: 3k Carbon cloth(twill fabrics )+2 layer E-Glasses■Laminated fiber of the bottom: 3 layer E-Glasses
■Resin (matrix): Epoxy acrylate (vinylester resin)

●We send out this product approximately 10-12 business days after your order day. In addition, delivery date may be extended in a top season.
A position of the decals, a color, an art design may be slightly different from a photograph. Thank you for your understanding.

●Net weight: 2150g
●Gross weight of the shipment:4,200g
■List of charges of International shipment:

【Performance and characteristic of this skimboard】
We laminate high-end TwillCarbon cloth on a deck. High-performance BASIC+ of the upper grade that sense of stability from approach to the turn end. Buoyancy of BASIC+ functions in the small wave and you can minimize the subsidence stall of the board and finish a turn.
Vibration damping of the carbon and high repulsion awake in the large wave. You use the effect and can lead a turn having high completeness to the conclusion
One item of the middle range skimboard innovation.

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