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MAZAR skimboard 【C4】[C4-Light GRAY/ART]

Selling price: JP¥79,900
[In Stock]
Suggested retail price: JP¥84,240

Made in Japan.

【Specifications of the product】
Choose among 【129cm】【131.0cm】【133cm】
■Color: Light Gray/ Art
■Thickness : Center/20.5mm Nose/14mm Tail/15mm
■Outline: C4 outline
■Rail shape:
a nose area from the center: Boxy rail
a tail area from the center: Hard tapered rail
■Tail Rocker: 15mm
■Materials and thickness of the form: PVC ( high-density polyvinyl foaming body)
■Laminated fiber of the deck: 3k Carbon cloth(twill fabrics ) +1layer S-Glass+1 layer E-Glass
■Laminated fiber of the bottom: 1layer S-Glass+2 layer E-Glassese
■Resin (matrix): Epoxy acrylate (vinylester resin)

●We send out this product approximately 10-12 business days after your order day. In addition, delivery date may be extended in a top season.
A position of the decals, a color, an art design may be slightly different from a photograph. Thank you for your understanding.

●Net weight: 2100g
●Gross weight of the shipment:4,200g
■List of charges of International shipment:

【Performance and characteristic of this skimboard】
C4 is a flagship model with ZAN. This season debut as a model for experts. S-glass and Japanese carbon 3000k, new configuration of laminating the S-glass on the bottom. It have a high performance bullet of innovation . Make full use of lay-up technology of MAZAR, rear from center Inclusive a hard taper . You can let a rail sink into the surface of the water at the turn first action smoothly. And a rail keep grip the surface of the water; you can step forward of the wave to the turn end Outline of C4. The wide rare foot zone prevents the excessive subsidence of the tapered rail. And, It support stable rail work. A nose locker, a tail locker are made slightly highly together. It make much of turning characteristics of the rail turn. C4 realizes the turn image of the top rider to cut off the moment of waves.

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