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MAZAR skimboard 【KOTETSU】 S-glass[KT-307 WHITE/ Polling Art]

Selling price: JP¥57,020
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Suggested retail price: JP¥71,280

Made in Japan.

【Specifications of the product】
Choose among 【126.2cm】【127.4cm】【128.7cm】【130cm】【131.5cm】【133cm】
■Color: WHITE/ Polling Art
■Thickness : Center/19.5mm Nose/14mm Tail/15mm
■Outline: ENSUI
■Rail shape:
a nose area from the center: Boxy rail
a tail area from the center: Tapered rail
■Tail Rocker: 5mm
■Materials and thickness of the form: PVC ( high-density polyvinyl foaming body)
■Laminated fiber of the deck: 1layer S-Glass+2 layer E-Glasses
■Laminated fiber of the bottom: 1layer S-Glass+2 layer E-Glasses
■Resin (matrix): Epoxy acrylate (vinylester resin)

●We send out this product approximately 10-12 business days after your order day. In addition, delivery date may be extended in a top season.
A position of the decals, a color, an art design may be slightly different from a photograph. Thank you for your understanding.

●Net weight: 2150g
●Gross weight of the shipment:4,200g
■List of charges of International shipment:

【Performance and characteristic of this skimboard】
Designed with wide nose and tail areas, this board features a boxy outline. The design concept is maneuverability on offshore waves to enable use in distant locations. The KOTETSU is made from high-quality S-glass composite that combines stability and elasticity for a tough yet flexible board. The board’s good flex and the gentle curve of the tail area help to keep control and prevent flipping the rail during a turn, and the high flexibility also creates comfortable chopping. The S-glass bottom makes it easy to sense disturbances or gaps in the water through the soles of your feet, so it is easier to choose what stunts to try according to conditions.
The rail edge uses a resistance edge structure to give the rail proper protection against dings and scrapes from sand or pebbles.

  由高品質 S-玻璃複合材料構成,衝浪板牢固且柔軟,水面穩定性和彈性適中。轉向過程中加以控制,舒適的彎曲度和尾部厚重的R使板?不易被彈出,高彈性可帶來「舒適的鋒利感」。同時,在 S-玻璃底部,?底較容易感受到水面的水位標記和間隙,請根據具體情況選用。

【성능과 특징】
노즈 에어리어와 테일 에어리어를 와이드 타입으로 설계한 “엔스이(円水)” 아우트라인. 개발 콘셉트는 원거리 로케이션에서 대응할 수 있는 “난바다 파도에서의 조종 성능”. 고품질의 S-glass 콤포지트로 구성되어 수면에서의 안정성과 탄성이 조화를 이룬 터프하고 플렉시블한 스킴보드로 제작되었다. 턴 시에 쾌적한 플렉스와 테일 에어리어의 둥그스름한 R은 레일이 잘 튀지 않도록 컨트롤하고, 높은 탄성은 “편안한 엣지감”을 부여한다. 또한 S-glass의 보텀은 수면의 불규칙한 낙차를 발바닥으로 쉽게 감지할 수 있어 상황에 맞는 스킬을 구사할 수 있다.
레일 엣지에는 외부의 충격과 모래나 자갈의 마찰로부터 레일을 확실하게 보호하는 “레지스턴스 엣지 구조”를 채용.

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