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MAZAR skimboard 【ZAN Hybrid 】Deck carbon CUSTOM DESIGN ORDER[ZHBDC-CUSTOM402]

Selling price: JP¥71,300
[In Stock]
Suggested retail price: JP¥81,000
Prices vary according to options.
ZAN full Carbon skimboards custom oredr. You choose the item of the lower berth and are made-to-order. We produce size, a shape, a color, your complete original skimboard.
●Extra Length 135.5cm (Optional):
・Extra Large size ( it supports only outline [ZANSUI] )
●Rail shape1::Noze from center:
●Rail shape 2:Tail from Center:
◆The tapered rail which arrives at a quick turn start.
◆The boxy rail which assists for stable body balance turning.
◆Extremely sharp Hard tapered rail. It cut the surface of the water keenly.
The narrow design which considered the mobility of the turn and the balance of the performance. MAZAR standard.
The outline which is wider than Zansui. A design for the long distance which possibility of the turn make spreads through. The mellow tail line supports a precise rail turn.
●Thickness of the form core:
●Tail Rocker:
If you give priority to stability of the takeoff and distance of the approach, it is flat. Rotary performance becomes given priority in proportion to the height of the tail rocker.
5mmUP is MAZAR standard.
*As for the deck logo [MAZAR JAPAN] rainbow, the body color of the deck supports only white.
●Deck Logo① [MAZAR JAPAN ] (Optional):
●Deck Logo ② [ ZAN ] (Optional):
●Deck Logo③ [Circle] (Optional):
●Deck Logo④ [ZAN] Japanese (Optional):
You can appoint two kinds of logos in total to two places. You cannot use it in the bottom
●Deck color:
●Bottom color:
●Bottom Art (Optional):
Paid optional bottom art.
You can change the color of the bottom freely.
※ As for this model, all bottom base color supports bottom art.
Selling price: JP¥71,300

Made in Japan.

As for the MAZAR high rank model, custom order is standard.
A color and a logo. Furthermore, we customize in combination a size, a thickness, the tail locker, rail shape and the outline in accord with preference and the characteristic of the rider. We can produce the best skimboard for you.

【Specifications of the product】
■Length: You can choose from【126.2cm】【127.4cm】【128.7cm】【130cm】【131.5cm】【133cm】【135.5cm】.
■Color: Custom Order
■Outline: ZANSUI or ENSUI
■Rail shape:
The Noze from the center: Custom Order
The Tail from the center: Custom Order
■Thickness: Custom Order
■Tail Rocker: Custom Order

■Materials and thickness of the form: PVC ( high-density polyvinyl foaming body)
■Laminated fiber of the deck: 3k Carbon cloth(twill fabrics )
+2 layer E-Glasses
■Laminated fiber of the bottom:1layer S-Glass+2 layer E-Glasses
■Resin (matrix): Epoxy acrylate (vinylester resin)

●We send out this product approximately 10-12 business days after your order day. In addition, delivery date may be extended in a top season.
A position of the decals, a color, an art design may be slightly different from a photograph. Thank you for your understanding.

●Net weight: 2150g
●Gross weight of the shipment:4,200g
■List of charges of International shipment:

【Performance and characteristic of this skimboard】
A customized master-class ZAN board that blends the good rigidity of the best Japanese carbon materials with the high elastic strength of S-glass. The ZAN HYBRID has been developed to achieve maximum turning quality through its protruding, sharp nose.
When the rail hits the base of a wave approaching at high speed, the rider can begin an accurate and smooth turn. In mid turn on the wave’s impact zone, the suitable pliability of the board allows it to properly follow through on rail work and bottom work. The line drive is accurately controlled by the rider’s will, whether on a quick tail turn or a wide rail turn. After the turn, the carbon’s rigidity and vibration damping-effect come into play, allowing the rider to easily ride down the face and get out in front of the wave.
The rail edge uses a resistance edge structure to give the rail proper protection against dings and scrapes from sand or pebbles.
For competition use and free riding.
A multipurpose master model to maximize your performance.

高級客製化的 ZAN 兼有日本生?的最高品質?纖維所擁有的可靠剛性,以及 S-玻璃的高彈性。開發的重點是,可以伸展並緊貼板面轉向。
  快速轉尾,或 R大幅度轉向板?,線路驅動器會精確反應制導器的指示。旋轉後,充分發揮?纖維剛性和抗震功能,就可以很容易地降低板面至浪前。


【성능과 특징】
일본제 최고급 품질의 카본이 가진 확실한 강성과 S글래스만의 고탄성을 혼합한 마스터 클래스의 커스터마이즈드 스타일 ZAN. 개발의 핵심 포인트는 탄성과 예리한 페이스를 이용한 턴 퀄리티이다.
하이스피드로 도달한 파도의 보텀에서 레일을 넣으면 정확하고 부드럽게 선회하기 시작한다. 그리고 파도의 임팩트 존에서 턴할 때는 적절한 휨이 레일 워크와 보텀 워크를 확실하게 팔로우한다. 신속한 테일 턴 혹은 R이 큰 레일 턴 시의 라인드라이브는 라이더의 의사에 정확하게 반응한다.
선회 후에는 카본의 강성과 진동감쇠성이 기능하므로 페이스를 내려 파도 앞으로 쉽게 나올 수 있다.
레일 엣지에는 외부의 충격과 모래나 자갈의 마찰로부터 레일을 확실하게 보호하는 “레지스턴스 엣지 구조”를 채용.
콤프와 프리 라이드.
멀티 퍼포즈 퍼포먼스를 지원하는 마스터 모델.

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